Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1978 chevy g10 shorty

and... this happened.

i wasn't planning to buy a van, and honestly i just wanted to drive one to make sure i wanted a truck. but after spending a lot of time looking and talking with the owner, he dropped the price considerably and i couldn't refuse... adventures here we come!

shorty, 110 wheelbase. rear windows, no side windows. 
its only the 250ci inline6, but that means it gets great gas mileage compared to the 305 or 350 8cyllinder
also the 3 on the tree, was converted to a hurst floor shifter, rad. 
cragars on her feet, bed in the back. total 70's, total babe.

 did i mention it came full of old motorcycle parts... ha!

weekend road trip to ohio

spent a lot of time in parks and enjoying good vegan food. 
sounds simple, but makes for a great weekend

bar bathrooms so small that you can touch all 4 walls at the same time...

hal and al's ...yes!

sleepin in the car

miss these places a lot.

found some good vegan food in a cool little neighborhood in dayton.  we will be back.

roach update

manual matches the bike. grimy. 

the roach has a new stance. 18" rear 21" front. both drum. just need to find a 16" drum spoked wheel for the back and it'll sit just like i want. 

old bits

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kick it

New cb200 exhaust hit the kick lever, so I made some adjustments.

JC says hello.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


everything about this i love. 
new neighbors fence
my love
 riding a motorcycle

riding season!

headed north on saturday. was a bit cold, but i couldn't resist.

griz didn't approve me leaving 

fresh out of hibernation, 200+miles no sweat. space bike rules. 

went to see some uncles

tim is a woodworker and has a tree business. his place is great. 



beautiful repurposed door.

quite the bandsaw you have there ...

big log

Nickels update

CB360 Brat 'Nickels'

found these old photos from the first day home.

12k miles but the whole thing was in pieces and pretty messed up.


first mods, disc brake front wheel, drag bars, and shorty shocks

always tinkering, but i think its close to done

cb350four tank flatblack with flatblack emblems, fork gators and shrouds, mini metric speedo, per-lux vintage foglight, numberplates with distressed stencil, wrapped headers, no muffler, dragbars with vintage style grips, chrome levers, new cables, fake mirror, brat seat 1/4 of foam, 70's aftermarket taillight, shorty shocks, handmade side plate mount, vintage style firestone matching 18x3.5s, ricks stator, mini battery and custom battery box, chopped rear fender, no front fender, o ring chain, pods, allen bolt engine kit, removed starter gearing, removed tach, cut off all tabs and passenger pegs, repainted frame, rebuilt forks, rebuilt clutch, rebuilt carbs, fresh oil, timed, tuned, ridden.